Almost a Ghost Town

Pretty and I drove up the road yesterday to the Upstate of South Carolina which marks the beginning of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and has the same rolling hills and feel of Grimes County, Texas to me.  We went to visit her family and to eat lunch at an old fish camp restaurant on Lake Bowen.  We drove the Dodge Dakota and took Spike with us on this day trip adventure.  He was not amused with Pretty’s high-speed driving and her backing up every few minutes for my picture-taking.  On the way home to Columbia we drove down SC Hwy 215 which is a favorite of ours but one we’d never started on from this far north near Spartanburg.  We drove through the little town of Buffalo which is in Union County and five miles from the Union city limits.  We were both moved by the sight of the cotton mill town that was almost a ghost town these days.


Unsuspecting Spike early yesterday morning in the back yard


First stop for lunch with Pretty’s family at Lake Bowen fish camp


Next stop: Pretty hits antique stores in Landrum, SC

(They don’t have Pretty’s picture yet, but coming soon)


Main Street in Landrum – Amish furniture makers


All small towns are on railroad tracks – southern ones have crape myrtle trees


No reason to stop in Campobello – only antique store closed

067 065

Pretty at her old after-school hangout in Inman, SC


Cotton mill ruins in Buffalo, South Carolina


Rubbles of a historic past


Once a symbol of prosperity for its mill workers


The mill was the heart of Buffalo


Efforts to restore downtown


Lost in thought and back in time


Broken dreams


Mill village houses still occupied today

2 thoughts on “Almost a Ghost Town

  1. I imagine you’ve seen the heartbreak of closed industries in Pennsylvania through the years, haven’t you? It truly is a sad sight. We were amazed at the folks still there – decided they commuted to surrounding towns now for work or just got by somehow. Thanks so much for the kind words on the photos. Cropping cures a multitude of sins. :)


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