Family Walk At Blue Granite Rock Quarry, Winnsboro, South Carolina

Pretty and I took the Pack from Casa de Canterbury yesterday for a family outing to visit our friend Leeza who lives in a house that sits on 22 acres of land smack dab in the middle of what used to be the Kincaid-Anderson Quarry that mined blue granite which was shipped as far away as New York and Philadelphia to make buildings of architectural and historical significance.   The house itself was the office for the Fairfield County Quarry that closed in 1946.  A railroad was the transportation connection from the quarry to the rest of the country.   Many of the homes in the surrounding countryside and in the nearby little town of Winnsboro are made from the unique granite mined in the area.  Blue granite became the state stone of South Carolina in 1969.

Blue Granite Marker

Entrance to Leeza’s Place – November 24, 2012

Pieces of Blue Granite dot the property leading up to the house

Old Dodge Dakota comes to a halt at the house and all dogs out

(Golf Cart the preferred means of transportation when not walking)

Pretty surveys the situation while Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea plays ball

Pretty always indulges TBO Chelsea wherever she is

Red is, well, Red

Paw Licker Annie is ready to go

Pretty says if you don’t come on, Chelsea and I are going without you

To Be Continued…please come back to see us.

9 thoughts on “Family Walk At Blue Granite Rock Quarry, Winnsboro, South Carolina

    1. The blue granite is beautiful, and I also love rocks in general with their colors and mysteries. Red Man was amused but not too interested in the “group” experience. Pick out the isolationist in this sociogram.


      1. The amazing sight at the Quarry is the deep dark pool where you can see the actual original work site with the immense blue granite sections – incredible. You would love it, too, I think, but T is the one who’d have to fish you out of it if you fell in since I don’t swim. We steered the walk away from that site this time because we couldn’t keep track of all of them if they managed to fall in…I want to take pictures, though so I may make a solo adventure.


      2. That usually ends up being my method. Going alone gives me a chance to explore without fuss. I would try not to fall in the quarry, but lately gravity has found a way to upset me!😀


      3. Yes, I totally get the gravity problemo – I managed to take a tumble on the front porch here a couple of weeks ago. I was using the weed blower and the cord coiled around my ankles and gravity did the rest. Now what in the world would make a cord take a notion to trip me up? Sigh. At any rate, the quarry visit would be worth the danger. 🙂


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